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Happier Hour with Rachel from Episode 50

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Happier Hour with Rachel from Episode 50


Join a small group of fellow recoverers and sober curious folks for an intimate, online happy hour with the host of Recovery Happy Hour, Tricia Lewis, as well as a former guest from the podcast. This is a one hour event where participation is encouraged: meet the featured guest and asked them questions, chat with other people, laugh, share experiences and let loose. We’re reclaiming happy hour and turning it into an experience where you can walk away feeling connected and restored. Bring your favorite non alcoholic beverage! See you there! (Please note times are listed in Central Standard time zone. Please plan according to where you live.)

Addition Information and FAQ’s:

Not sure what to expect at Happier Hour? You’re not alone and guess what: there are no rules and regulations as long as you don’t show up drunk. Other people are doing this for the first time too!

  • How do I get to Happier Hour? A link to an online Zoom meeting will be emailed to you the day of the event. Click on the meeting ID in your email at your meeting start time. Please make sure your camera and microphone on your phone, laptop, or tablet are connected so we can hear and see you. Double check your time zone so you don’t miss it!

  • Do I have to be sober or in recovery to attend? Nope. Sober- curious folks and the spouses/partners of people in recovery are also welcome. If your spouse/partner wants to attend with you, please register for 2 guests.

  • Do I have to talk? I’m not going to force you to talk but I encourage you to participate and get outside of your comfort zone.

  • Is this a 12 Step Meeting? No, it’s not affiliated with any 12 step programs, treatment centers or recovery programs.

  • Why does it cost money to attend? Because I already do the podcast for free. For the cost of two drinks you can spend happy hour doing stuff that makes you feel good with people who want to support you.

  • Will other people see me online? Yes, the other attendees will see you as we all interact with each other. No one outside of the event will see you or know you are there.

  • If I missed the Happier Hour I registered for, can I get a refund? No. If you need to reschedule for a different Happier Hour, please email me at least 24 hours in advance and I can move you.

  • How many people will be there? Happier Hour is capped at 12 guests per event.

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