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About the Host

I'm Tricia, the creator and host of Recovery Happy Hour.  For years I was emotionally and physically addicted to alcohol but was really good at making it look like I didn’t have a problem. I took my last drink in November of 2016 and a life without booze is so much better than I ever imagined.  The fear of missing out is what keeps so many of us from ever giving it a solid chance. That fear is the biggest liar and it wasted so much of my time.

Hearing stories we relate to is what gets and keeps us sober.  I like sharing those stories by interviewing sober people from all over the globe to show you that your life won’t end when you quit drinking. If you’re still wrestling with the idea of quitting or are afraid of what “label” you’ll have, you’re not alone. You don’t even have to identify as an alcoholic to question your relationship with alcohol.  I hope you’ll hear these stories and realize that you can choose to live whatever kind of life you want and if alcohol is making your life worse, it’s ok to decide to stop. Tune in every Tuesday to hear how life doesn't end after you break up with alcohol.  There is life beyond the bottle and it's a life worth living.